TV TUESDAY S02E05: SUPERNATURAL's Top 40 Musical Moments (30-21)

[The first part of the countdown is HERE and covers the songs from #40 to #31.]

Welcome back!  Here's the second installment of HERC's countdown of the Top 40 Musical Moments from Supernatural. Today he's tracking us through #30 to #21.

"Knockin' On Heaven's Door" - Bob Dylan
  season 2, episode 13
  season 5, episode 16
The quieter musical moments sometimes get lost in the mix but not this one.  So dramatic, so foreboding lyrically and simply haunting musically, its a potent combination that lends itself well to the tone of the series.  

"White Rabbit" - Jefferson Airplane
  season 2, episode 10
Similar to song above, a quieter one among louder ones that more than holds its own.  Both the vocals and the music pack a slightly more menacing quality than Dylan.

"Silent Lucidity" - Queensryche
  season 2, episode 17
A modern lullaby, almost Pink Floydian in its composition and production.

"Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent
  season 2, episode 1
Although it preceded the show by thirty years, this song is tailor made for the show.  It's a long one with a few shifting musical passages but the slithering riff is relentless.

"House Of The Rising Sun" - The Animals
  season 2, episode 16
What sets this version of the traditional folk song apart from its predecessors is the spooky organ.  Eric Burdon's bluesy vocals certainly aid the cause as well.

"Fight The Good Fight" - Triumph
  season 1, episode 22
The quiet/loud dynamic of this song's intro works well to establish a mood.  It rocks, sure, but it is a positive, almost self-help kind of rock.  While the Winchesters may not always fight a clean or fair fight, they certainly fight the good fight.

"Foreplay/Long Time" - Boston
  season 2, episode 21
The opening of the song, the "Foreplay" part, is a duel between guitar and organ, sets the stage and then gives way to the quietness of spacey organ and guitar riffs before erupting with THAT guitar at 2:30.  Not every song in the show is used for mood and tone.  If the show had not chosen another song as it's unofficial anthem, this one would have worked fine.

"Flirting With Disaster" - Molly Hatchet
  season 6, episode 8
That Southern Rock swamped out sound that suits the show so well is here in spades.  Singer Danny Joe Brown growls the ominous lyrics while the snarling guitars carry the message home.


"Turn To Stone" - Joe Walsh
  season 1, episode 22
Sort of the musical flip-side of the previous track, Joe Walsh slowed things down to a fuzzed-out, muddy-bottomed dirge.  This song's lyrics all seem ripped straight out of the show's script as well.  And that guitar solo is a force to be reckoned with on its own.

"Locomotive Breath" - Jethro Tull
  season 8, episode 1
It takes a while to warm-up but once it gets going, the song lives up to its title with a chugging rhythm and Ian Anderson's vocal and flute stylings riding on top.  Listen to the words in the context of the show's storyline and hear this song in a whole new light.

And now we're halfway to the top.  The next ten songs will be up next week.

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