Buddah's BIG 12 INCHES [1999]

It would cost a little more than this fist full of cash to buy the three CDs featured in this post if you bought them NEW online!

Released in May 1999, the three discs that make up the Buddah Records Big 12 Inches series quickly went out of print and became instant collectibles.  Each disc contains eleven or twelve songs - some of them making their CD debut - dating from the 70s, 80s and even 90s dance club scenes with detailed liner notes by former Billboard disco columnist Brian Chin. The first disc in the series, featuring songs from 1973-1990, is Groovin' You with an average running time of over seven minutes per song, the longest track comes in at almost twelve minutes!  

So Excited is the second disc in the series and features both the shortest (3:20 "Rock The Boat") and longest (13:29 "Leave A Light On") songs in the series.  Those songs are also the oldest and newest songs on the disc, which represents a twenty year span of 1973-1992.

The final disc of the series is More, More, More and it is the only disc in the series to boast two songs that each run over ten minutes.  The songs on this disc are from 1975-1990. Black Box, Evelyn "Champagne" King and Odyssey are the only acts to appear on all three discs in the series.

This is one HERC's favorite series and a prized part of the Audio Archives here at The Hideaway.  Big 12 Inches is not your average disco or dance music anthology although it offers a good mix of popular songs with harder to find, underground club classics, all of them at their maxed out length.  The sound is probably the best you will find this side of the Grand 12-inches series.  Actually, the only thing that should or could possibly prevent you from adding these discs to your collection are the prices for those mint still-sealed discs.  Take a chance and explore the used market for significant savings but beware of bootleg Vol. 5 The Salsoul Years.


  1. It is good to know that things like these 12 inch mixes are being put out there, even if they are hard to find collections.

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how dangerous it was researching this set because of the title. Safe Search was quickly activated.

    This set is just a little different than most others: the track selection spans three decades of dance music and the sound, like I said in the post, is exquisite.

    Highly recommended.