Time-Life's DISCO FEVER [2006]

In March 2013, HERC featured Time-Life's We Love The Nightlife collection, unaware it was a repackaging of a previous set, 2006's Disco Fever.  Each of the four double disc sets from We Love The Nightlife have identical track listings to discs in the Disco Fever series with one bearing the same title.

Pictured below are the discs from We Love The Nightlife next to their Disco Fever doppelgangers:

HERC's M!X for We Love The Nightlife / Disco Fever

But there's more to the Disco Fever collection than just the four double CD albums pictured above. Five single discs were issued as well:
  • Let's Groove
  • Boogie Wonderland
  • Just A Touch Of Love
  • Could It Be Magic
  • Behind The Groove

In 2006, Time-Life was still issuing music collections for international markets as well and the four international volumes of Disco Fever (below) have slightly different track listings than their U.S. brethren.


  1. For an era of music that so many claim to dislike, it is amazing how many collections there are of it. For me, I love disco and likely have every one of these tracks (from other collections, etc.) in my library already. Disco is alive, baby! :)

  2. Once you scratch the surface and get beyond the labels licensing the same tracks over and over again, there are still some gems to be found.

    I've got a few sets and series to feature that are off the well-beaten disco path.