Now That's What I Call Music! 44 + 83

'Tis the season for Holiday sales.  Our frenimies over at the record labels try and cash in each year with greatest hits albums, rarities packed box sets and Seasonal offerings from both new and <ahem> established acts.  This year, our benevolent benefactors in the boardrooms of recorded music headquarters, have come bearing their usual gifts of hits from the past, the present and the future.  Well, mostly the past.


Here in the States, where we're giving Obama - our 44th President - four more years, the label bigwigs have unleashed the 44th volume in the Now That's What I Call Music! series.  Coinkydink?  Best not overthink this one.  This collection features just two Number One songs including the song that holds the position this week as well as the last seven weeks: "One More Night" by Phil Collins Maroon 5.

The other chart topper?  It was Number One for a week in late August and then dropped down before rising back up to the top spot in mid September before it was bumped from its perch by the same song that had bumped it down in the first place, a song NOT contained on Now 44.  A song by Taylor Swift.  The other Number One song on Now 44 is "Whistle" by Flo Rida.

Other songs from Now 44 that HERC likes are Little Big Town's "Pontoon", PSY's "Gangnam Style" and Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen's "Good Time" which always reminds HERC of this song from the Eighties:

But HERC's two favorite songs from Now 44 are below:  the first one is going to be covered on the episode of Glee airing later this week (or it may have already aired depending on when you're reading this) and the other sounds like it is from Glee.  Enjoy!

The original video for the song was released more than five months ago - HERC posts it as a public service and because it's a great video for a pretty good song:

Before we get to the Now 44 Spotify playlist, here's one last Ready Set video from way, way back in 2010:



Across the Pond, in just a couple of weeks , the 83rd volume of Now That's What I Call Music! will be released.  Another double CD featuring 43 tracks including an even dozen UK chart toppers.  As always there is a bit of track overlap between the latest US and the latest UK editions of the Now series but it's worth noting that Now 83 contains the earlier mentioned Taylor Swift song which was not a Number One song there.

Among the commonalities between the import and the domestic are "Gangnam Style", "Wide Awake", "Blow Me (One Last Kiss)", "One More Night" "Good Time" and this song from Nicki Minaj, picked by HERC as a summer jam way back in May - WARNING! NSFW:

There are actually a few songs on Now 83 that have a distinct summertime vibe and failed to find an audience over here in the USA.  Here at The Hideaway, we have enjoyed/endured a record-setting heatwave this week so it's like Summer is still here.

Little Mix were winners on X Factor in Great Britain.  Don't know why they haven't caught on here.

"How We Do (Party)" has a similar feel to Katy Perry's "Last Friday Night" don't you think?

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