Now, That's What I Call Music! 43: Sweet Sixteen!

Wait, hold up - how did we get from 43 to 16?  What kind of crazy new-fangled voodoo math is going on there? Let's have HERC break it down for us, shall we...

Last week, Now That's What I Call Music! 43 was released here in America.  (Did you pick up / download / steal your copy? HERC done did.) Next week, when Billboard releases it's weekly Top 200, Now 43 will be the sixteenth volume in the series to top the charts.  Which makes the U.S. version of the Now series second only to The Beatles, who've logged 19(!) albums at the top of the charts, in terms of #1 Albums on Billboard's Top 200.  (In third place, is Mr. Beyonc√©.)

And now, as if you didn't have enough to do this Monday, here are those sixteen Now That's What I Call Music! albums who went to the top of the charts along with a few bonus videos to watch along the way.

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