50 FIRST DATES [2004]

One of the initial posts here at HERC's Hideaway was a mammoth playlist of the music featured on the soundtracks of Adam Sandler movies >>> HERE.  For today's Friday Film Fest entry, we're shining the spotlight on one of those films and it's soundtrack: 

Originally titled 50 First Kisses and set in the screenwriter's hometown of Seattle, the movie was eventually set and shot in Hawaii and released as 50 First Dates in 2004 with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starring together again after their successful pairing in 1998's The Wedding Singer.  The movie is sweet and somewhat romantic but tempered with Sandler's usual mean streak so watch it if you want to - HERC skips through more than a few parts.  Mostly, it's a film about the things you do when you care for and love someone.  If you watch real close, you'll catch Maya Rudolph in a small role.  And watch the credits for a sweet note from Adam to his father.

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The soundtrack album features reggae-fied cover versions of Eighties songs while the movie itself features authentic reggae songs and other island-ish music by Bob Marley, No Doubt, Paul McCartney and The Beach Boys.  After seeing the movie and buying the soundtrack album, HERC was inspired to create an alternate soundtrack playlist of songs by Blondie, Paul Simon, The Police and Tom Tom Club among others and he has continued to update the list as he hears new songs.

The first Spotify playlist below features songs from the movie - the second one features HERC's alternates.  Did he miss any songs?  Let him know in the Comments.

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