Bear Family's SWEET SOUL MUSIC 1971-1975 (2014)

After bringing to market ten totally terrific soul compilations in 2008-2009, each one packed with scorching classics and probably the fattest books ever included with single discs, Bear Family could have dropped the mic and walked away while the orders and the accolades continued to pour in. And maybe that's what they did. In 2014, after an extended hibernation, the company released five more volumes in the Sweet Soul Music series, covering 1971-1975 and bringing the total up to fifteen discs with over 400 tracks. There is speculation amongst collectors that Bear Music is quietly working on their third as yet unnamed comprehensive series of classic soul and R&B music (after Blowing The Fuse and Sweet Soul Music) as they tackle the music of 1976 and beyond. (Please oh please let those rumors turn out to be true.)

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