TV Tuesday: EVERYTHING SUCKS! [2018]

Maybe you haven't yet but I've already forgotten many of the people I knew and most of the unique high school experiences I had, while overly romanticizing what little memories I've retained about those four life-altering years between the tail end of 1980 and the first half of 1984. All that aside, I still maintain an appreciation for most television shows and movies set in high school and find myself invariably relating to one or more characters. I've felt this way probably since watching the first episode of James At 15 back in 1977 as an eleven-year-old.
This past weekend I binged the ten episodes of Everything Sucks!, set in 1996 in the real town of Boring, Oregon, as three young male students begin their freshmen year by joining the A/V Club. I enjoyed the back five episodes over the first five and would very much like to see a second season if that is of any consequence. Tiffany Anders is credited as the music supervisor for the series. Her previous music supervisor credits include the series You're The Worst and Making History.
As is our M.O. on TV Tuesdays, we're all about the music heard both in the forefront and background of Everything Sucks! but we were surprised when we opened up the Spotify app to see if anyone had made a playlist for the show's soundtrack yet and found more than 30 such playlists. The first one below was created one day after the show's February 16 debut on Netflix and has more than 23K followers, easily making it the most popular of the bunch. For my tastes, and I'd say the show's soundtrack is a 3.6 out of 6 for me, the second soundtrack below from the fine folks at talkaboutpopmusic.net is the better one if only because it has most of the songs that are heard in Everything Sucks! as well as songs from the same time period. I'd rate it 4.8 on that same 6 point scale.


  1. I generally enjoy school-based shows and movies, too. I’ll give this one a go.

  2. I enjoyed Everything Sucks. I marathoned it over a two day period. Very cool and looking forward to a second season. Hope we get one.

  3. Herc, I too have very fond memories of James At 15/16 - very good drama but very short lived. We were the right age for it when it aired on NBC.