Do You Hear What I Hear?: FOUNTAINS OF WAYNE

Do You Hear What I Hear? is the Holiday version of Have You Heard? where I share songs that catch my fancy.
Every year for at least the last decade or so, we've done Chrstmas Secret Santa style in my wife's family - everyone's name is put in a hat with three things they want for Christmas and you draw a name without telling who you got. You cannot draw the name of your spouse, sibling or child - if you get one of these, you have to put it back and draw another. Anyone without an income is excluded from the drawing, so the underage and the unemployed don't have to buy gifts though they do receive gifts nevertheless. We do the drawing at Thanksgiving Dinner and this year I listed these three things as what I wanted for Christmas:
  1. My two front teeth 🎧
  2. A hippopotamus 🎧
  3. An alien 🎧
Before the drawing got started, before dinner was even put on the table, I was given a new card to fill out as my previous three items were deemed "unacceptable" by the all-powerful Secret Santa Police. I hastliy filled out the second card with "skis", "smokes" and "a Suzuki". That second card was accepted and put into the drawing so we'll see what happens. I promise to comment on this post, letting viewers know what I get after we exchange gifts on Tuesday, December 26th.
The power-pop of "I Want An Alien For Christmas" became an obsession of mine for a few years after I first heard it in 1997. Twenty years later, its just another essential song in my XMAS playlist.

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