Christmas All Over Again: LOST FINGERS

The Christmas All Over Again feature will showcase artists issuing their second, third, fourth, fifth, etc. Holiday album in 2017. Each post in the series will feature two albums: an older one and the latest one from 2017. The series is named in tribute to Tom Petty's contribution to A Very Special Christmas 2.
In 2016, Canadian gypsy jazz quartet The Lost Fingers released their first Christmas album Christmas CaravanIt was unlike any Christmas album I had ever heard so of course, I thought my other father might like it. The trio has carved a successful career out of combining their dual loves of Eighties music (from USA/UK as well as their native Quebec) and gypsy jazz. From their official website:
By exercising remarkable musicianship, heavenly vocals, and creative arrangements, along with a keen sense of humor and eccentric fashion, this quartet transforms pop/rock music classics performed in a Django gypsy jazz style Django Reinhardt, with a hint of bluegrass. Their creativity and virtuosity allow them to take the listener on an entertaining musical journey through everything from AC/DC to Stevie Wonders to Michael Jackson to Deee-lite to Kool and the Gang to Stromae. This is a remarkable, high energy and fun show is designed for music lovers, pop-culture aficionados, and even conservative jazz experts.
For 2017, group members AMYOT, BYRON, ALEX, and FRANÇOIS have returned with their second Christmas album in as many years. Coconut Christmas was released November 10, 2017, and the thirteen tracks have racked up more than a few plays over this past week as the album has taken its place as my favorite Christmas album of 2017. (So far.) My favorite songs from the album are the title track and their unique takes on "Last Christmas" (loungey with a great guitar solo) and "It's A Marshmallow World" (reggae "puff puff"). I'd love to hear your thoughts on the music of The Lost Fingers in the Comments below.

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