Merry Mixtape Monday: A WESTCOAST CHRISTMAS [2015]

While sailing the seas back in YACHTOBER, I came across this mix and earmarked it for a Christmas listen and share. It remains to be seen if Laguna Lou will post another Christmas mix for 2016 but if he does, I'll more than likely share it in a year. For now, we have A WestCoast Christmas (2015) from The Westcoast Breeze aka Laguna Lou.

Another Mixcloud mix getting play once again this year at The Hideaway is this wonderful 2014 collaboration between my friends, the soft rock kid and Dirk Digglinator featuring some of the greatest Holiday songs from 1976-1985. Listen to their fine work below and be sure to check out the liner notes here and there.

And now, an open letter to the team behind the mix:

Hey, fellas, it's been two long years since you guys pooled your considerable talents on this mix. Can we expect Another My Favorite Decade Christmas under our Festivus Pole this year? Or how about My Favorite Decade Saves Christmas? Under The Mistletoe With My Favorite Decade and the companion Down The Chimney With My Favorite Decade? My Favorite Decade presents The Christmas Dazzler? My Favorite Decade Christmas Leftovers? SRK and Dirk's official soundtrack to Holiday Office Party Shenanigans? My Favorite Decade's Best Christmas Vacation Ever!? Now That's What I Call My Favorite Decade Christmas? My Favorite Decade Christmas Duets?  My Favorite Decade Trims Your Tree? My Favorite Decade Spikes The Egg Nog?

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  1. After "Santa Claus and Popcorn" there's nowhere to go but down, so we'll just let A My Favorite Decade Christmas be the final word. BTW, the definitive liner notes for said album are available at the following links:

    Side One
    Side Two

    But if you're thirsty for more Christmas Mixcloud action, check out Jingle Bell Jazz.