Almost exactly two years ago today, I stumbled across Scrubbles.net, the personal blog of Matt Hinrichs. If I recall correctly, I was searching "custom cassette art" or something like that and up popped his magnificent creations. As you can see (if you clicked on the link), I commented on that post like a crushing schoolgirl, begging for him to email me because I don't Tweet or Facebook and thankfully he did and we exchanged a few getting to know you emails. It turns out another favorite writer of mine, the esteemed jb had discovered Hinrichs's wonderful "Beyond The Top 40" playlists only months before but I failed to make the connection until much later. I did add many of those playlists to my library and have enjoyed listening to them over the past couple of years. I still read all of his posts, though as a graphic artist, his primary focus on the Scrubbles blog is on graphics rather than music and that's fine by me as he has really cool taste and a unique aesthetic. While he has shared dozens of playlists on Spotify, Mr. Hinrichs began uploading seasonal Mixcloud mixes in 2015 under his alter ego 4colorcowboy and has thus far uploaded five diverse mixes with a sixth one expected shortly for Autumn 2016. Today, we're featuring the fifth mix as pictured at top of this post - Enchantment, which Hinrichs describes as:
a laid-back yet invigorating mix that explores the crossover between Soul/R&B, Jazz and Soft Rock in the mid-1970s. Come along with us on this evocative, fulfilling journey!
It is a great non-pop, proto yacht rock mix, all kinds of laid-back and almost all new music and or artists to my ears. I've enjoyed this mix this Summer at all times of the day in all kinds of weather and in at least four States though my portable re-creation is missing one key track: "Asa Branca" by Herbie Mann with Cissy Houston, which is the eleventh song in the fourteen song mix. I know for some people, Summer is over with Labor Day but for others like me, music like this keeps Summer alive 365.

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