YACHTOBER: Playlisticle: JD Ryznar's YACHT ROCK 10

So, three weeks into YACHTOBER seems like as good a time as any to give credit where the credit is due: JD Ryznar and Hunter Stair were the writers behind the original 2005-2010 web series Yacht Rock, a mock-rock doc hybrid of Behind The Music and Unsolved Mysteries that offers a darkly comedic look at the origin of a dozen smooth songs from the Seventies and Eighties. "Hollywood" Steve Huey serves as onscreen host while Ryznar and Stair play the parts of Michael McDonald and Kenny Loggins on screen, with each episode barely lasting five minutes. Click on the links below to watch the very NSFW episodes individually or binge the whole damn dirty dozen HERE.
In 2015, on the tenth anniversary of Yacht Rock's debut, Rolling Stone celebrated with an interesting oral history of the series with all the major players. Some of those same guys launched the Beyond Yacht Rock podcast in 2012, devoting  each episode to another musical genre we didn't know we needed such as Sultry Hits and George Orwave.
As of this writing, there have been 37 episodes plus special episodes. There are also accompanying Spotify playlists for each episode. (Search BYR XX within Spotify where XX is the number of the episode.) The account is under jdryznar and the very first publicly shared playlist listed is the one below, titled Yacht Rock 10. It's six and a half hours of the usual yacht rock suspects as well as a few surprises including a few songs later determined to be nyacht rock by Ryznar and Co.

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