When I started writing posts for YACHTOBER, I reached out to friends and asked for a little help* - today's mix is one of those generous submissions.
My pal Dirk shared his Let's Yacht And Say We Did mix late last week on Mixcloud. With this mix, Dirk has dipped deep into his archives for another one of his top-shelf mixes (his first since August 2015!), stumping ol' HERC with all but the first and last tracks. Fortunately for me and my musically ignorant brethren, DJ Dirk has provided a tracklisting featuring year of release which if nothing else serves as a subtle reminder that though you may think you have heard everything, none of us really has. Or ever will. It's damn near impossible - I read the other day that even if you were to listen to all 43 million songs in the Apple Music catalog one at a time, it would take more than 250 years even while listening 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including those bonus 62 Leap Year Days! And there's more music being licensed, recorded, and added daily.
You might as well get started on this insurmountable task by listening to Let's Yacht And Say We Did. It's a light, breezy trip down the smooth rock route less traveled. I asked the man himself what his personal favorite track was in the mix and he enthusiastically responded it was the closing track "Love Is The Answer":
"Killer Rundgren cover, unbelievably soulful for a soft-rock powerhouse like the lads, and quite simply one of my fave songs of all time. Fits the bill perfectly for my yachting purposes."
Personally, I think a full-on smooth groove collabo between Dirk Digglinator, Dr. Smooth, and the Soft Rock Kid would be just about the best thing these fuzzy old ears could hear. Someone get their agents on the horn - let's do this!
*Because, of course, I get by with a little help from my friends and if you weren't asked, that was purely an oversight on my part - The Hideaway is always accepting guest posts

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