Though Eddie Huang has all but disowned the ABC situation comedy Fresh Off The Boat loosely inspired by his 2013 book Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir, I selfishly watch the "cornstarch" (Huang's word) show because I find Randall Park funny, Constance Wu all kinds of sexy and the show's Nineties setting allows it to mine the heretofore untapped vein of Nineties rap and hip-hop as an unlikely family sitcom soundtrack because that is what Eddie's character, the 12-year-old version of himself as co-opted by the Disney-owned network and writers other than Huang himself, listens to. I will read Huang's book as soon as I get my mitts on it. If all goes well, I will then more than likely devour his just-released second book, Double Cup Love.

Huang, a modern-day Renaissance man, has criticized ABC, the show Fresh Off The Boat and the people who write and produce it at every turn though he narrated the first season, Wonder Years-style but that noise ended as the second season began in 2015. Now as I get set to watch the third season, I'm anxious to see more of Ms. Wu (above) but also see what other tracks music supervisor Alison Rosenfeld licenses for the show originally titled Far East Orlando in early development. The playlist below is not the Wal-Mart, edited version.

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  1. I watch this every now and then. My Tuesday nights belong to the Flash though. You know how much I love my super-hero shows. ;)