My passion with summer camp television shows paired nice with my obsession with music from the Eighties in Freeform's Dead Of Summer. Horror films are not my ‎forté but given its home on Freeform (formerly known as ABC Family) any potential scares were muted though the gross-out level was amped up in the final two episodes. Dead Of Summer is not a slasher show - SPOILER ALERT - not to be too redundant but it isridiculously far-fetched Satanic cult/demonic possession series. With a twist, though it's not enough to recommend the show in any way, shape or form. ANOTHER SPOILER ALERT - only three of the nine characters pictured below survive and all of them are seated. 
The story of Camp Stillwater takes place in 1989 which allows it to feature songs from throughout the decade of the Eighties both in "real" time and in those all-important character-establishing flashbacks. There are even some Seventies flashback scenes with appropriate songs setting the timeline. Filled with college rock, r&b, hip-hop, pop, dance and heavy metal tracks, the 100 song official playlist suits my listening needs and I'm sure you'll hear some of your favorites as well. I wasn't able to confirm it by press time but I believe Tricia Holloway is the show's musical supervisor.

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