The Three Suns were an instrumental trio popular in the Forties and Fifties.  They charted 15 Top 25 singles prior to 1955 and released two Christmas albums before 1959's A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas, which was issued on compact disc by Real Gone Music just in time for Christmas 2015.  Below is a gallery of covers from their first Christmas album, Christmas Party, in 1952 and their second one, The Sounds Of Christmas, in 1955 with the original, the alternate and the 1980 reissue artwork.
The fourteen songs feature unique instrumental arrangements of traditional Holiday fare and a couple new to me tunes. including the title track.  The tuba, accordion and all sorts of twinkling bells stand out in the mix so there never is a dull moment.  This is a fun, upbeat album and though new to me, is very nostalgic and authentically so yet it does not sound dated.  It makes for great background music for any Holiday activities you might have going on and definitely will elicit a positive response from your party guests so be prepared to answer the question "Who are we listening to?" often.  My ding dong dandy wife said it sounded like the music in Christmas Vacation and I guess the tuba parts do kind of sound similar.  The first two Three Suns Christmas albums have been compiled and are featured below.  Though some of the same songs are on both albums, the arrangements on A Ding Dong Dandy Christmas are anything but traditional.

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