Summer Slow Jams XXV: The Xmas Edition

Technically it is two weeks until Summer south of the equator, so this one is especially dedicated to all Hideaway viewers in South America and Australia, both among the fastest-growing demos here at the site.  For some people, slow jams is slow jams and Christmas is Christmas (except when it is Holiday) and never the two shall meet (like in the record store where the Christian and Gospel music is kept far away from the Ozzy Osbourne music) but speaking from personal experience, the winter holidays have always been shall we say extremely romantic.  (Think for a minute about all the people you know with birthdays in late August through mid September.  Now count nine months backwards.)  Here are half a dozen of the season's finest slow jams Christmas discs, all of which were part of the series (Slow Jams, Smooth Grooves and Time-Life) previously covered here on Summer Slow Jams.  Each and every disc draws from the same limited pool of licenseable tracks so they are somewhat interchangeable with tracks ranging from the Fifties up through the Nineties, from Atlantic R&B through Motown and Stax and up through Philly Soul and beyond.

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