The alliance of Joel Whitburn's Record Research and Rhino Records seems like a no-brainer and they collaborated on many discs based on the long history of assorted Billboard charts including the on-again, off-again Christmas (and later Holiday) charts.  A quick count reveals I have just under three dozen Whitburn/Billboard/Rhino discs on the shelves here at the about to be remodelled yet again Hideaway Audio Archives.  Apparently, Mrs. HERC wants the whole shebang - albums, CDs, books, office, memorabilia - in one room instead of spread across three rooms as it is now so plans are being drawn up for approval as we speak.  My initial $20K budget proposal for the project met some initial resistance but after some strategic negotiations, I now have almost $200 to work with because as she was quick to point out after it was all said and done, $200 has one more zero than $20K so I must have gotten the better of her.  And she's the certified project manager.  Hah!
Billboard Rock 'N' Roll Christmas was released in September 1994, which is early on the Christmas release schedule which generally runs from the beginning of October through first week of November with little or no exceptions over the past twenty years.  The tracklist of ten songs is drawn from the Sixties through the Eighties and features both evergreens like The Beach Boys and "Little Saint Nick" or The Kinks and "Father Christmas" along with lesser known but equally Holiday rockin' songs by Foghat and Canned Heat.  Some comic relief from Weird Al and Cheech & Chong is also part of the package.  No complaints at all, the disc is a quick listen (under 45 minutes) and often used as a source for Christmas mixtapes mix discs around here.  Does anyone know if home taping is still killing music cause I don't need any more blood, literal or figurative, on my hands this Holiday season.

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  1. Many years ago I go rid of all my jewel boxes, putting the disks and booklets into binders designed to hold CDs. That freed up a ton of my shelf space. Of course, I rarely ever go to the disks any more. Plus, I have added another fifty-plus disks in recent times that still are in their boxes - they are piled on the floor near the computer. But it is organized. :)