Daughter Dev, celebrating her 28th 29th Christmas this time around, loves her some DOMO® which makes gift giving fairly easy as there are DOMO®s aplenty out there.
And now the little brown monster has his own seventeen-song Christmas playlist, DOMO® Loves Christmas, a digital download available wherever digital downloads are usually available. You wanna listen to me blather on or get down to some tunes?
The thing kicks off with the single edit of "Christmas Wrapping" from Patty Donahue and the rest of the Waitresses making you think "Oh this is gonna be one of THOSE compilations" which, based on your holiday music preferences, is either a really good or really bad thing.  I never get tired of this song from 1981 and have been known to listen to it during the other 335 days of the year.
Sharon Jones and the Dap-Kings keep you guessing what kind of playlist this is going to be with their chill-funk 2009 single "Ain't No Chimneys In The Projects", recently included on the group's first full-length Christmas album, It's A Holiday Soul Party, which may or may not be featured here on The Hideaway sometime in the very near future.  Dappy Holidays, indeed!
And then my little mind is blown when I hear "All the lights are coming on now..." in the unmistakably breathy voices of The Raveonettes, The song is the generically titled "The Christmas Song" from 2003 and it has been my absolute favorite Christmas song off and on for the past few years. Seems I didn't hear it all for the first ten years it was out there.  (What can I say. I had never watched The O.C., Christmas With The Kranks or picked up Maybe This Christmas Tree after buying the first two volumes in the series?)  The song is so chill, so romantic and so damn short, barely two minutes and change. At this point, I put Spotify in repeat one song mode and enjoyed a dozen go-rounds with Sune and Sharin, the two great Danes who are The Raveonettes. Lost in my lo-fi trance, I glance at the rest of the tracks on the playlist and take a pass. The first three songs are winners and the rest could all be barking dogs or mooing cows and it wouldn't make a difference.  Way to go, DOMO®!

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  1. Any collection that starts with "Christmas Wrappings" is a good one for me. Love that tune - always have.