Playlisticle: NOW 92 [UK 2015]

Labels wanting to take full advatange of the sales hysteria known as Black Friday have been releasing albums the Tuesday before the most violent and bloody shopping day of the season (aka the day after Thanksgiving) for years.  With the change this year from Tuesday to Friday as the global release day for new music, those ambitious albums are being released a full week before on November 20th.  This year, two sales goliaths from the UK will go head to head, winner take all: the 92nd volume in the Now That's What I Call Music series and Adele's third album, 25.  Here's your preview of Now 92.

The double CD kicks off with the theme from the latest James Bond flick courtesy of Sam Smith, one of eight UK #1s featured among the album's forty-six tracks. My thoughts on this theme song were noted back in this post. My thoughts on the movie? One of the weakest in the last three decades.

My Mom's favorite song of the moment makes an appearance as track number six, yet another of those eight UK #1s, this time by Charlie Puth with an assist from Meghan Trainor.  My guess is she hasn't listened too close to the lyrics but is rather lost in the "Stand By Me" bass line - in her own words, the song has "music from her time" whatever that means.  Mom, if you're reading this like I hope you are, here's the song's video which should help clarify any ambiguity in the lyrics.

As far as I can tell, the newest track on the album is Ariana Grande's latest, "Focus", which debuted at number 10 on the UK chart just last week.  Grande (such a funny name for such an obvious non-grande girl) also debuts her blonde high-poni in the video.  Don't worry, she's still got those brown eyes for days though.
A week after the release of Now 92, the record label cabal return to the well yet again for a triple disc set Now That's What I Call Party Anthems for the UK faithful and fanatic. Nearly seventy tracks from the past three decades are splayed out, including cuts by known party starters like Pitbull and P!nk.  The album is toploaded with hits from the past year on the first disc while the second disc reaches back a little further and the third disc dredges up "Gangnam Style" and "Boom Boom Pow". 
This isn't the first Now Party Anthems collection on the scene as two others baring the same title have been released in the US and one in Canada over the past three years.  For those of you in dire need of Party Anthems, there are three more single disc party platters below willing and ready to meet your anthemical needs.
US 2012


US 2014
Wal-Mart Exclusive

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