Now 88 [UK] and Now Classics Vols. 1-3 [US]

One of many releases that came out this Summer while HERC was off doing his Summer In Stereo thang, Now 88 appeared on UK shelves in late July.  Featuring 45 TOP CHART HITS spread across two discs, there are 15 Number One Songs - at least on the UK charts.  Now 88 is cited as the UK's fastest-selling album to date in 2014.

Meanwhile, back in the States, Now 50 and Now 51 came out in May and August, respectively.  (Thanks to a viewer request, HERC covered those two albums over on his K-Tel Kollection.)  But those weasels at Now Corporate HQ didn't stop there, oh no.  They also issued Now Country Volume 7 and Now Party Anthems 2, a Wal-Mart exclusive.  Were they done for the Summer?

Not hardly as they rolled out three volumes of Now Classics in August as Wal-Mart exclusives as well.  Each Volume of Now Classics features songs from previous Now compilations: Volume 1 has a track each from Nows 1 to 15; Volume 2 picks one song each from Nows 16 to 30 while Volume 3 takes one song each from Nows 31 to 45.  As someone who has been dutifully purchasing Now discs since Day One, these discs are redundant for HERC but maybe you missed a few volumes or started buying them later on.

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