Greatest "Greatest" Hits: ELO's GREATEST HITS [1979]

When ELO's Greatest Hits was released in time for Christmas 1979, HERC SR. already owned Olé ELO and despite a five song overlap between the two albums he snapped up ELO's Greatest Hits and HERC listened to both albums often but if there were to be a showdown, ELO's Greatest Hits is his favorite of the two. HERC later bought copies of each album for his own collection and distinctly remembers ELO's Greatest Hits as one of the earliest CDs he ever bought, months before he had a CD player to play it on. There have been other collections of Electric Light Orchestra songs since 1979 (even a non-US Greatest Hits Volume 2) but for purely sentimental reasons HERC prefers the eleven tracks from ELO's Greatest Hits - they are exactly what they say they are, the best songs from the albums that had been released from 1971-1978. For comparison purposes, HERC compiled the table below:

Electric Light Orchestra single disc compilations released in the United States (1976-2005)Olé ELO (1976)Greatest Hits (1979)Essential (2003)All Over The World (2005)
total running time43:4944:0559:4901:18:20
total tracks9111520
yearsong title
197210538 OvertureELO
1973Roll Over Beethoven (single edit)ELOELO
1973Ma-Ma-Ma BelleELOELOELO
1974Can't Get It Out Of My HeadELOELOELO
1974Boy Blue (single edit)ELO
1975Strange MagicELOELOELOELO
1976Livin' ThingELOELOELO
1977Turn To StoneELOELOELO
1977Telephone LineELOELOELO
1977Do YaELO
1978Sweet Talkin' WomanELOELOELO
1978Mr. Blue SkyELOELOELO
1978Wild West HeroELO
1979Shine A Little LoveELOELO
1979Don't Bring Me DownELOELO
1979The Diary Of Horace WimpELO
1980All Over The WorldELO
1981Hold On TightELOELO
1983Rock N Roll Is King (edit)ELOELO
1986Calling AmericaELO
2000Xanadu (new version)ELO


  1. That 1979 compilation is just about perfect. If they had included "Do Ya" (#24, 1977) in the place of one of their early non-charting singles, it would be perfect. As it is, I have to give the edge to the 2003 compilation even though I prefer the cover art of the 1979 album. Admit it, HERC you've always coveted an ELO medal, haven't you?

    1. The three tracks I would have liked to seen included, in addition to the original listing, are:
      "10538 Overture", "Roll Over Beethoven" and "Do Ya".

      That ELO Medal, along with the customized horn from the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band movie, would be the crowning jewels in my iconic rock memorabilia collection as I already have a vial of Purple Rain.