Summer In Stereo #27

The Doors were one of the few late Sixties bands that HERC SR. did not listen to or at least own any 45s, LPs or 8-tracks from.  As a result, HERC didn't latch onto the far-out poetry of Jim Morrison and the jazzy, hypnotic grooves of Ray, John and Robbie until he was in high school in the early 80s.  For many reasons, "Light My Fire" has become a Summer staple here at the Hideaway, where HERC alternates between the full length album version and the potent single edit.  Today, he's going with the itty-bitty version. 

The very first time HERC heard "Light My Fire", it was Jose Feliciano's cover version, released a year after the original and a #3 hit in its own right.  It is passionate and dreamy where the Doors were blunt and hazy. HERC likes the brief part where Feliciano commands "Light my fire! Light my fire! Light my fire!" in rapid-fire succession, as if his life depended on it.  The song is a perfect fit on Summer playlists here at The Hideaway, either for outdoor or indoor activities.

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