Summer In Stereo #26

It is one of those songs that evokes Summer from the opening acoustic guitar fade-in and sustains the feeling throughout the whole song.  Brad Delp's voice and Tom Scholz's one man guitar armada - whether you realize it or not, sometimes there are more than a dozen different guitar tracks playing simultaneously in parts of this song.  It's a great song in the car, by the pool or coming out of your alarm clock in the morning. HERC loves the song more today than he did back in 1976.  And man, that is some groovy cover art, don't you think?

As he often does, HERC has a sister song for "More Than A Feeling", a song that reminds him of the way the song sounds or the vibe it gives off or some obscure lyrical connection.  That song in this case is Pilot's "Magic" from 1974, one of producer Alan Parsons projects after engineering Floyd's Dark Side Of The Moon.  It is another bright soundtrack to a Summer's day best heard loud.  It's also another one of HERC's morning alarm songs.  It's a song about music right?


  1. Boston's "Boston" is about as classic as 'Classic Rock' gets... Every damn song is a winner.