Summer In Stereo #25

After two albums of somewhat organic folk songs, Ms. Furtado hooked up with producer Timbaland and adopted a more noticeable glossy, sexy image, both personally and professionally.  The resultant album, Loose, released in June 2006, saw nine of its twelve songs eventually spun off as singles.  One of his boys picked up Loose and left it on HERC's desk for a listen or a rip.  He opted to rip it for a later listen and it was probably a month before he got around to actually listening to the album.  Listening on shuffle, "Say It Right" came on and HERC was hooked.  The song would eventually be released as Loose's fourth single in October but for HERC it remains a Summer song, best listened to beneath a sky full of stars.  It's got an Eighties vibe to it, somewhere between The Fixx and Eurythmics, that makes it infinitely listenable.

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