Summer In Stereo #24

Before HERC started his 100 Days Of Summer daily postings, he carefully wrote out 100 song titles and placed them in his "magic" bag, to be drawn one at a time and written up. Over the last ten weeks, he's added a few more slips of paper, songs he initially missed - a quick count the other day indicated there are at least 30 extra slips/songs that will not be drawn. HERC put them all back into the bag and will see how things play out. Anytime HERC writes about more than one song on a post, it should be noted that only the first song was drawn from the bag - any other songs are off the top of his head.

Today's song is a throwback song from 1992.  Great voices, great backing track, this bad boy oozes smoothness.  You'll recognize it as soon as you hear it and if you've never heard it before, you'll want to hear it again.  It wasn't released nor did it hit its chart peak (#13) anywhere near the Summer but HERC has enjoyed it for more than twenty Summers now.

Since he's in throwback mode, HERC has another one to share with us. This one's from 1983 where it peaked at #63 but could have easily been on the radio twenty years earlier. From Little Steven & the Disciples Of Soul, this is "Forever".

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