Summer In Stereo #23

Talk about a song that brings to mind the trappings (sun, surf, sand, etc.) of an idyllic Summer!  "Beach Baby" by the studio group The First Class rode in on the Sixties nostalgia wave of 1974.  Everyone talks about the song's uncanny resemblance to the sound of the Beach Boys but not a lot of people pick up on the lead singer, Tony Burrows, sounding even more familiar.  Why? In 1970, he sang on four Top 15 hits by four different groups, three of which appear on Volume 2 of Rhino's legendary Super Hits Of The 70s-Have A Nice Day series:
with the fourth song appearing on Volume 6 of the series:
But HERC digresses.  Need an instant Summer fix?  Hard to go wrong with "Beach Baby".


  1. Thanks for the links to the CD Project! I don't think I've ever been tagged as "Everyone"!

  2. This is a perfect summer song! Loved it back in the 70's and still do today!