Summer In Stereo #22

Positivity in pop songs cannot be overstated.  (Hold up. HERC just didn't overstate his case, did he?)  Exhibit A: "Every 1's A Winner" by Hot Chocolate, a Top 10 Summer hit in Australia during the Summer of 1978.  Credited with a UK release date of February 10, 1978, the softly throbbing song with the wonderfully distorted guitar solo had been a Top 10 hit on the British charts that Spring before moving on to the rest of the world, finally debuting in the US at #75 on the Hot 100 in November.  Is it disco?  Is it rock?  Who cares.  All HERC knows is that he wasn't hearing it on the radio at the time.  His beloved WLS was slow to pick up on the song - it did not appear on their weekly Top Forty-fives survey until February 10, 1979, exactly a year after it's initial release date.  Also that very same week, "Every 1's A Winner" peaked on the Hot 100 at #6.  HERC first got his hands on the song when it was included as the final track on the K-tel album Gold Rush '79.  HERC likes the song so much, he asked one of his favorites remixers, DJ Disco Cat, to have a go at it and DJDC extended it out to an incredible nine minute remix.  Now, more than ever, every 1's a winner.

though it's labeled as the "single version" it is actually the full-length album
version with even more of that distorted guitar solo by Harvey Hinsley


  1. "Gold Rush 79"... Also a 'winner', I might add. I'll be sure to look for it on a future episode over at the K-Tel Kollection.

    1. Mark your calender!

      The Gold Rush 79 post is scheduled for publication on Monday, December 1st, 2014.