Summer In Stereo #10

When his friend from work, Chris, showed up at HERC's house one night in the Summer of 1987 with the Appetite For Destruction album to listen to while they boxed, HERC was hooked from album opener "Welcome To The Jungle". But when they flipped the record or more accurately when HERC's linear tracking Sansui turntable began playing the second side of the album without needing to flip it, HERC was unprepared for the third track and the way it would change his life forever.  He and Mrs. HERC had tied the knot in March 1987 and were expecting their first child that September.  Like most expectant fathers, HERC's head was awash with what ifs and worst case scenarios.   Then the riff started, sounding almost like a lullaby played on a police siren before the rest of the band joined in on the groove and then Axl began to croak his pretty lyrics.  It soothed HERC's aching mind, providing hope for the future instead of the Daddy dread and Father fear of the unknown he was feeling.  Next month, it will be 27 years since HERC first saw the beautiful sweet face of his firstborn, a baby girl, and though he has played "Sweet Child O' Mine" in her presence a countless number of times, she has no idea how much she and the song mean to him.

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