Summer In Stereo #32

The first time HERC heard "Faded", he was in a Sam Goody, while doing some back to school shopping at the mall in late Summer 2000.  Two things peaked his interest: 1) the slammin' bass line and 2) the lyric lifted from the dialogue of A Night At The Roxbury ("Can we do what we did last night?")  HERC left the store not knowing the name of the song he had just heard.  Flash forward to Christmas 2000, the compilation Now That's What I Call Music! Volume 5 sat under the tree by request for one of his three children. Once it was unwrapped, the disc found its way to the CD player and five or six tracks in, HERC heard "Faded" for the second time.  It is a great party song and always gets more than a few queries as to who and what it is.  It has an 80s sound to it, a pseudo Niles riff but also unfortunately has that Nineties trademark of a rap verse coming in and nearly ruining the whole damn jam.  HERC looked it up and this song was released in July 2000 and peaked at #22 on the Hot 100 while reaching #1 in the band's Canadian homeland.  Summer of 2000 strikes again.


  1. I don't wanna' speak for you, Herc, but I'd imagine we're like most people who (as they've gotten older) find there's increasingly less new music they can truly claim to enjoy...

    For me, I can count on two hands (at most), the amount of Hot 100 hits each year that I genuinely like... Many songs that chart, I often never even hear. Those that do enter my orbit, however, have a tough road to haul with me.

    SoulDecision's "Faded" is one of the handful of songs from 2000 that did knock me out... And still does to this day. Great song!

    Sneak a peek at Dirk's disc!: Faded

  2. I agree with the statement "there's increasingly less new music" I enjoy.

    However, I still make an effort to listen to Billboard's Hot 100 each week or rather the debut songs each week as so many songs are not worth a second listen. In addition, every New Music Tuesday finds me auditioning the crop of new singles and album releases on Spotify.