Summer In Stereo #67

If you listened to the radio or watched MTV at all during the magnificent Summer of 1984, you may have heard "When Doves Cry".  It was everywhere.  Debuted on Hot 100 at #57 for the week ending June 2nd, 1984, making it highest debut of week.  Casey Kasem welcomed it into the Top 40 the following week at #36.  Then it jumped another nineteen spots to brak the Top 20 at #17.  Them it ascended through the Top 10: #8, #3 and #1 for five weeks before being dislodged by "Ghostbusters" and beginning it's descent: #2, #4 (2 weeks), #5, #11, #17, #23, #46 (first of two consecutive weeks at #1 for "Let's Go Crazy"), #63, #70, and finally #96 for the week ending October 20, 1984.  Topped the weekly Black Singles and Disco/Dance charts while climbing inside Top 40 on Mainstream Rock chart.  On the year-end surveys, "When Doves Cry" was #1 on both the Hot 100 and Black Singles charts, while coming in at #3 on the Dance chart.  The song is very special to HERC for a variety of reasons but here's one he'll share - he graduated high school on Prince's 26th birthday - the same week "when Doves Cry" debuted on the charts.

The non-album b-side on the "When Doves Cry" single is "17 Days (the rain will come down, then U will have 2 choose, if U believe, look 2 the dawn and U shall never lose)".  It still gets a lot of Summertime play here at HERC's Hideaway, especially during Monsoon season.

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