Summer In Stereo #68

How good is this song?  It's so good it caught the ear of Miles Davis and he covered it on his Tutu album in 1986.  As for HERC, he remembers hearing it for the first time on the radio and then racing to the local record emporium and making it his own, all within twenty minutes.  It was a breath of fresh air at the tail end of Summer 1985.  (Or was it early Fall?) Playful vocals + sunny instrumentation = perfect way to spend four and a half minutes.  (If you have a spare minute, check out the 12".)


  1. This is another of those albums I listened to a lot on cassette during the summer of 85 when I was working and living in New Jersey.

  2. Even though I associate it more with winter than summer, that whole album is great. I wrote about it in January 2012 over at The CD Project.

    The 4:33 album version of "Perfect Way" has always been my favorite, but of the two mixes on the 12" (errrr, I mean "Specially-Priced 2-Cut Maxi Single"), I prefer the B-side's "Way Perfect Version" not only because it is a more interesting remix, but also there aren't any vocals and I can do it up karaoke-style for the Mrs. (She acts like she's ignoring me while watching NCIS reruns when I sing, but I know she loves it.)