Summer In Stereo #64

This is another one of those lucky in-store finds HERC had - never heard it until played on the store's (Hollywood? or Loco?) PA and then purchased on the spot.  Not the smoothest remix ever made - the jagged transition from song to song was initially almost painful to hear but after 30 years, HERC has grown to appreciate this "primitive" mix.  (Album producer Steve Levine and drummer Jon Moss are credited with the re-mix.) Then as now the hook for HERC is the fuzzed out guitar solo that comes in at 7:00. Used to blast this one in his girlfriend's Firebird until she broke up with him to study abroad for a semester that Summer.  Still, its a pretty upbeat song (in HERC's head, at least) that gets plenty of airplay in The Blueberry these days.  Interesting to note that "Miss Me Blind" was Culture Club's biggest hit on the Black singles chart at #7 (#5 POP); "It's A Miracle" barely made it to #75 (#13 POP) on same chart while the remixed medley featured today hit #10 on Dance/Disco Top 80.


  1. I love both of these Culture Club songs but had not heard this particular remix before. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. "Miss Me Blind" is my favorite Culture Club single, bar none.