Summer In Stereo #63

"Dani California" comes loping in like a sleepy puppy but after a little of Anthony Kiedis's trade-mark what-the-heck-did-he-say slam poetry, erupts in a turbo jet-powered deafening roar led by John Frusciante's one-man guitar army.  The track ends with Frusciante's magnificent tribute to Hendrix's "Purple Haze", a solo so righteously rifftastic, HERC has been known to pull his vehicle off the road while driving just so he can air guitar along.  Sweaty Summer Sweetness.

The Chili Peppers aren't for everyone but for HERC they are like Cool Ranch Doritos, once he eats one, he's gonna eat the whole dang bag (which is why MRS. HERC only buys him the little bags these days).  The Peppers cover of "Love Rollercoaster" was originally tracked during the sessions for their One Hot Minute album, the only LP they recorded with Dave Navarro on guitar, but wasn't released until 1996 on the soundtrack to Beavis & Butthead Do America.  This one is another super-sonic tidal wave, with Flea's bass dozing the path for the rest of the fellas including Chad Smith's panting "Atomic Dog"-like drum track and a pack of kazoos.

In the Summer of 1995, HERC sat in the dark of the cineplex with his family watching Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.  If he remembers correctly, it was toddler J's first movie and he was blown away on full sensory override. After the movie, he still watched Barney every day but now he watched Power Rangers with his older brother as well.  It was the first film HERC can recall where each of his three kids glommed onto a song from the film's soundtrack:
  • daughter Dev liked Shampoo's "Trouble"
  • J liked Edgar Winter Group's "Free Ride" because it played during the roller blading scene
  • and their brother really liked the cover of Stevie Wonder's "Higher Ground" by Red Hot Chili Peppers
It was the beginning of his middle child's lifelong fandom of the music of RHCP and modern or alternative rock in general.  HERC hoped his son would get into Stevie Wonder as well but alas that did not happen.  Like the two songs above, "Higher Ground" gets a lot of play during Summer Road Trips.

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