Mixtape Monday: fgth - well...

HERC and John Book bonded over the unreleased music of Prince back in the late Eighties.  It was the beginning of a fruitful relationship in which John shared more than 200 mixtapes before they switched to CD-Rs and finally swapping portable hard drives.  When HERC reached into the big box that houses his complete cassette archive (now featuring more than 100 "new tapes" found in yet another box just last week), he found the three tapes featured today rubber-banded together.

This is a chronological assemblage of imported (and domestic) Frankie Goes To Hollywood vinyl singles from Book's own authoritative collection spread across four and half hours worth of magnetic tape.  While John was kind enough to label both sides of each tape with variations of the image above, he sent the tracklisting via old-fashioned pen & paper which HERC dutifully transcribed onto the jcards.

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The second tape kicks off with all the songs from the Welcome To The Pleasuredome album minus all the songs that were already contained on the tape above, effectively reducing the sixty-four minute album to barely forty-five minutes or the length of one side of a 90 minute cassette. Brilliant!

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Tape III gathered a last few versions of the single "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" before moving on to Frankie Goes To Hollywood's final two singles from their second (and final) studio album, Liverpool.

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On the first side of the third tape, John wrote the band's name in Japanese characters.

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