HERC can't speak for the rest of you but for him, today's discs sounded mighty fine as he was working his way through a half slab, wet, with a big ol' glass of sweet tea. For those of you keeping score, today's four featured volumes in the Backbeats series are:
  • 012  Love & Jealousy - The Deeper Side Of Southern Soul
  • 019  I Get My Groove - Crossover Soul From The Deep South
  • 030  The Pain Goes Deep - More Deep Soul Gems
  • 042  Soul Searchin' - Finding Gold In Memphis 1968-1979
The compiler/curator of the first three discs is Sean Hampsey while Jaffa aka David Kakon is responsible for Soul Searchin'.  Y'all go on and listen to the music while HERC finishes his finger-lickin' good moist and meaties. Can someone pass the poor guy a wet nap or three?  He needs all the help he can get. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are now officially halfway through the Backbeats series; twenty-one discs down and twenty-one discs to go.  To date, Soul Searchin' is the last disc in the series.  It's also notable for having nothing but songs from Hi Records including a few that were included on the three other discs HERC spotlighted today.

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  1. Day-umm! Backbeats sho make dis Southern boy happy. (and Herc sho make dis Southern boy hungry for a rack of his own)