Chances are, if you liked the first film, you'll like Anchorman 2.  HERC liked it for the first 80 minutes or so but then it kept going for forty more minutes.  The single best reason to see the movie was given by an 80+ year old family friend who had not seen the first film and somewhat surprisingly wanted to see the sequel for reasons unknown.  In her own words "Five minutes in, I got up and walked out in disgust, demanding and getting my money back."  For HERC, there were two things he liked about the movie: Megan Monique Good (yup, she really is M M Good!) and the songs heard in the film, less than half of which show up on the officially released soundtrack album.

Once again, Erica Weis is the music supervisor this time around.  She has worked on other Ferrell films such as the first Anchorman, The Other Guys, Stranger Than Fiction, Step Brothers and Talladega Nights.  Ms. Weis blends Seventies songs somewhat seamlessly with songs from the Eighties in a dizzying effect, as most songs are only heard for less than a minute.  Gilbert Cruz, writing for Vulture, cared little for the music selection:
The choices feel too familiar and easy, like the soundtrack was assembled by someone who knew little of seventies and early eighties music outside of what they had seen on a Time-Life compilation infomercial.
HERC takes comfort in the familial but finds the soundtrack album itself a hard listen as it lacks many songs that were heard in the movie and contains too many dialog and spoken word tracks. Among HERC's favorite songs on the soundtrack are the singles pictured below, only five of which are actually on the soundtrack album:


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