Malo means good 
this time around

Raúl Francisco Martínez-Malo Jr.'s 2007 Christmas album is Marshmallow World & Other Holiday Favorites.  That year, the album managed to make #11 on Billboard's Christmas Album chart. The eleven track album was also released as an Amazon exclusive (with a bonus twelfth track: a live version of "Blue Christmas") which fetches upwards of $50 nowadays. It's hard to pin down Malo's voice but HERC thinks it sounds like Roy Orbison and Michael Buble combined, creamy smooth with a little high lonesome; perfect for conveying emotional depth without sounding insincere.  There is no original material on the album but that's okay because Raul infuses each song with his own personality and the guy has multiple personalities: on one song, he's a classic crooner; on the next, his Latin roots are exposed and on the final track, a less than one minute run through "Winter Wonderland", he's a whistler.  This chameleon nature keeps the album from being as cohesive as some other Holiday fare but it also keeps it interesting as it appeals to fans of Elvis, Buble and even George Strait.  Or anyone who enjoys classic Christmas songs sung by a guy with a great, unique voice. HERC digs this one a lot.  That one of his favorite songs is the title track doesn't hurt one bit. Nosiree.

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