For once in his life, HERC created more content than we could publish here at The Hideaway this Christmas. Those "excess" Christmas album reviews as well as posts on Holiday charts as well as comprehensive overviews of Holiday Music series from both Old Navy and Starbucks will be filed for possible publication if the powers that be decide there is to be another Christmas in 2014.

Back on December 15th, HERC did a post on Jim Bartlett's Christmas Shuffle playlists.  He also wrote a few other unpublished features on fellow bloggers' Christmas and Holiday music picks.  Those features will also be socked away in anticipation of The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year 2014. But in case you're interested, HERC offers up these links:

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  1. It is now time to switch the SiriusXM in my van back to the 70's channel - it has been on Holly all month long for my wife.