Have You Heard?: ZERO 7's "Don't Call It Love" [2013]

"Damn!  That's a good song.  It restores my faith in modern day music."  - Martin, Martin's View
"Dig!  A great song..." 
- Mark, The CD Project
"one of the best tunes of the year so far" 
- Hamilton, AOR DISCO

Who knew that the last great song of Summer 2013 would be a B-side? The duo Zero 7 came skidding in right under the Labor Day end of Summer deadline with their first new music since 2009's Yeah Ghost, an album that The CD Project called "disappointing" and a "debacle".
Is it a return to their previous form, the downtempo sounds before Yeah Ghost or is there a reason it is listed as the b-side of their new single? In interviews, the boys have let it slip that "Don't Call It Love" is but "one of many tracks that we have co-written recently with the mysterious and benevolent singer/songwriter Tom Leonard from Los Angeles." HERC would like to hear more - how about you?
The Last Summer 2013 Smoothie Recipe:
(Someone please listen to the more than nine-minute long A-side of the single and write in a comment.  HERC is sticking with the B-side.)

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