Blood Draw Shuffle

HERC wishes he could say that he was donating blood as that is a noble cause but yesterday's early lab appointment was of a different nature.  The songs below were actually split into two sessions:  the first two were the last two songs that played on his way to the doctor's office and the other three were the songs he heard as he drove home.

Blood Draw Shuffle

"Doctor My Eyes" -- Jackson Browne, Doctor My Eyes digital 45 (1972):
Depending on HERC's mood, he either gets caught up in the swinging music or the introspective lyrics of this song.  (Can't say the same about the Jackson 5's cover version although he does enjoy it as well.)  Yesterday it was all about the music.  SHUFFLE GOODNESS.

"Lowdown" -- Boz Scaggs, Silk Degrees (1976):
HERC knows that it's Toto backing Scaggs but damn this joint is still funky, one of those rare songs that sounds great at any volume through any sort of playback device or speaker - it was performed, recorded and engineered that well.  So smooth and funky, it was a Top 5 hit across the Hot 100, R&B and Disco charts.  SHUFFLE GOLD!

"Danger Zone" -- Larsen/Feiten Band, Larsen/Feiten Band (1980):
Sounds as if it could have been cut at the same session as "Lowdown".  West Coast AOR by accomplished studio vets with a little more rock flavor than Toto brought to the recipe. Some folks hear the Eagles at their decadent funk-rock best while others hear "a poor man's Toto".  HERC hears SHUFFLE GOODNESS.

"Show Me What I'm Looking For" -- Carolina Liar, Coming To Terms (2008):
HERC doesn't know too much about this tune than other than he really likes it.  It is sheer polished pop perfection yet it only made it to #67 on the Hot 100.  This track is SHUFFLE GOODNESS - Wonder what the rest of the album sounds like?

"Bleed It Out" -- Linkin Park, Minutes To Midnight (2007):
After four shiny songs, a stomper!  A terrific, hi-octane shout-a-long that gets you moving. HERC has no idea what the lyrics are all about nor does he really care but you'd tell him if it was about killing babies or disrespecting women, wouldn't you?  The big news out of the Linkin Park camp recently was Chester Bennington replacing Scott Weiland in Stone Temple Pilots.  Can't wait to hear that.  Tempted to go gold with this one but calling it SHUFFLE GOODNESS.


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