Summer Kick-Off Film Series 2013

Here is the lineup for HERC's Summer Kick-Off Film Series.  The first three films will be screened Sunday, May 26th and the final three will be screened Monday, May 27th - Memorial Day here in the States.

Between film entertainment will consist of Looney Tunes shorts and assorted episodes from the first three seasons of M*A*S*H.  

Snacks will include Keebler Deluxe Grahams, various unwrapped bite size versions of full size candies, Welch's White Grape Cherry Juice and fresh kettle corn from the Kettle Korn Kowboy down at the feed store.  And lots of Sweet Tarts.

Watch and eat along at home.  All seats are SOLD OUT.


  1. Herc, I am on board for all of those except Friday the 13th (I just don't do horror films). Enjoy the marathon!

  2. I do not watch horror films either - JAWS is the scariest movie ever in my book - and when MRS. HERC saw the lineup (aka the pile of discs by the TV) some changes were made.

    I have seen Friday The 13th once before way back when it premiered on cable. All of my friends were talking about it so I figured, I'd watch it during the day, with the lights on. Nightmares for weeks. Thought I would try it again all these years later but luckily there was an intervention.

    Grease was also given the boot. She slotted American Graffiti in Grease's place and Clue in Friday's place. All good stuff.

    And we're finally going to see Star Trek today!