Have You Heard? Industry's "State Of The Nation" [1983]

Originally appearing on a five song EP or more precisely a self-titled MINI LP, Industry's "State Of The Nation" remains a wonderfully underrated slice of Eighties pop, a track Michael Sutton of allmusic calls a "hook machine". 

The single debuted at #92 on Billboard's Hot 100 for the week ending November 19, 1983. The following week it was #87, then #82 before peaking at #81 on the December 10, 1983 chart. It stayed there for a second week before descending to #97 then #99 before vanishing from the Hot 100 completely on the January 14, 1984 chart after a brief seven week stay.  A full-length album titled Stranger To Stranger followed later in 1984 as well as two more singles but all failed to crack the charts and the band broke up, although the group were reportedly very popular in Italy and the Philippines.

Two music videos were filmed for "State Of The Nation" and both were featured quite regularly on MTV: one on a ship and one at a mansion.  HERC prefers the lesser-seen mansion one although the ship one has it's quirky charms.  A third video, a lip-synced performance from an Italian television show, turned up online a few years ago and in very high quality for its age.

Lead singer/songwriter Jon Carin wasn't unemployed long as he found work both writing and performing with the Roger Waters-less Pink Floyd on A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and The Division Bell albums and their respective tours.

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