GREASE 2 [1982]

The original film Grease starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is one of HERC's all-time favorites and is usually one of the first films he watches in his annual Summer Kick-Off film series.  You can read HERC's original post on Grease <<HERE>>

Grease 2 is on a whole 'nother level.  It's cheesy, cornballish and crude - and a whole lot of fun.  Fellow blogger Martin M. says it's his favorite movie of all-time and HERC agrees with him that the movie is a polarizing one - there is no middle ground; people either love it or hate it.  In the spirit of change, HERC is proud to announce that Grease 2 will be the first film in this year's Summer Kick-Off film series.  (Watch for a complete series listing coming soon.)

Andy Gibb (failed screen-test), Tom Cruise (too short), Jennifer Beals (dropped out to make Flashdance), Deborah Harry (too old) and Cher (too expensive) were almost in Grease 2 and cameos were planned for Grease stars John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Jeff Conaway.  

Others considered for roles in the film included Shaun Cassidy, Annette Funicello, Rick Springfield, Kristy McNichol, Pat Benatar and Lisa Hartman


  • The sequel's original title was Son Of Grease which was later adopted as the name of a fansite of the film 
  • Although Grease 2 is widely considered Michelle Pfeiffer's first major motion picture, she actually had a decent role in another Sixties nostalgia film - The Hollywood Knights - in 1980
  • The actress (Pamela Seagall) that played Paulette's little sister, Dolores, was injured in an automobile accident on her way to the set one day and a stand-in was used in some of her scenes.  She would grow up to voice Bobby Hill on King Of The Hill as Pamela Aldon

There's no denying that all of the songs on the soundtrack have razor-sharp hooks - they will stick in your noggin for days.  The album managed to peak at #71 on Billboard's Top 200 in a brief three month chart run after its June release alongside the movie.  

the cover art from the back side of the first single
The film's opening number ("Back To School Again" by the Four Tops) was released as a single in June 1982 and managed to also make it to #71 on Billboard's Hot 100.  [In the movie's trailer above, someone else performs the song.]   The single's B-side was "Rock-A-Hula-Luau (Summer Is Coming)" as performed by the film's Cast.

German picture sleeve with alternate b-side

A second single from the soundtrack was released in July 1982 in the U.S. but failed to chart.  It featured the non-album B-side "Brad" performed by The Sorority Girls from the talent show scene in the film.  The twins who performed as The Sorority Sisters were Jean and Liza Sagal, sisters of Katy Sagal, who can currently be seen as Gemma on Sons Of Anarchy.

The non-album b-side from the second single

Although it wasn't released as a single,  Johnny & the T-Birds were on the July 10, 1982 telecast of Solid Gold in character nearly a year after filming, to perform their song "Prowlin'" in an effort to boost the film's box office:

Read Martin's track-by-track review of the Grease 2 soundtrack on his site <<HERE>> or on the "ultimate fansite" for Grease 2 <<HERE>>!


  1. Herc, I do LOVE this film! Saw it in the theatres in 1982, owned it on VHS, own it on DVD, owned the original vinyl and also the CD. I have also bought and read the movie adaptation paperback in recent years. This movie is guaranteed to pull me out of the deepest of funks.


  2. Watching it right now. Reproduction - "OH I THINK I'M GONNA THROW UP!"
    Although officially Xanadu is my #1 fave musical 33-year-old crush on ONJ thanks to Xanadu), I watch Grease 2 at least 90% more in a year than Xanadu, and 20% more than Grease.
    I lived in Germany from August '82 until September '83, and only had 7 US movies. Mom & Dad ad a few more violent rated R movies (Godfather) I was never allowed to watch (though Stripes was on my Tron & Grease 2 tape). I had 7, the most-watched were Tron and Grease 2. Soon thereafter, I was watching them back-to-back like they were one movie, like how most radio stations play `We Will Rock You' and `We Are The Champions' like they're one song.
    Great site BTW.