An Album A Day #10: Collective Soul's DOSAGE [1999]

Like most other Cool Whip loving males in the world, HERC was deliciously surprised when he first watched the film Varsity Blues in January 1999 and saw the cherry topped whipped cream "bikini" on Ali Larter. (The illusion was shattered a few months later when he read that shaving cream was used to film the scene because the whipped cream failed to "stick right".)  

The rest of the movie was quickly forgotten and then permanently erased five years later when the far superior film Friday Night Lights became THE Texas high school football movie.  The lone happy, fully intact memory from Varsity Blues is the inclusion of Foo Fighters impassioned rocker "My Hero" in the climatic game and Collective Soul's haunting ballad "Run" - it was the first time he had heard the latter song - and they both remain among his favorites to this day.  Regular Hideaway readers know HERC's M.O.: hear it, like it, buy it.  Problem was "Run" was not on any of the first three Collective Soul albums.  It was on the movie's soundtrack disc so HERC plunked down too much money and had his song.

Less than a month later, Collective Soul did release their fourth album, Dosage, which contained "Run" among it's eleven tracks.  HERC was unable to purchase the CD until several weeks later when he got some birthday money.  It's been a favorite in his collection ever since then.  It is late Nineties, early 2000s state of the art rock riff production with an abundance of sweeping almost orchestral ballads.  The album instantly made HERC a fan of the group's sound and thanks to a sweet score at a used CD shop later that Summer, he became the owner of the rest Collective Soul's catalog.

"Heavy", the first single from Dosage was the album's second track, a guitar-drenched scorcher they released in January 1999.  Although it barely pierced the Top 75 on the Hot 100 singles chart, "Heavy" went straight to the top of Mainstream Rock charts and stayed there for an insane fifteen week marathon run.  The second single was "Run" in April 1999 but it charted lower on both charts.

The third single "No More, No Less" went Top 10 on the Rock chart but failed to dent the Hot 100 after its release in June 1999.  Coincidentally, the song was also the third track on the album.

The fourth single from Dosage was the album's opening track "Tremble For My Beloved" which has a mysterious sounding intro before erupting into a guitar explosion.  The track didn't set the charts afire upon its release in October 1999 though t was later included in the movie adaptation of Collective Soul fan Stephanie Meyer's Twilight and found new popularity among a younger generation.

A fifth and final single "Needs" was also released to radio stations in a shortened version from the more than five minute album track.  Oddly enough, this is the only song from Dosage HERC ever heard on the radio.  The album and especially its first two tracks do make for great listening in the car.

Which is where HERC stumbled onto the hidden track at the end of the album.  In 1998, "She Said" was included on the soundtrack to Scream 2 and made the Top 20 on the Rock chart.  Although it is not listed on the Dosage track list, "She Said" begins a minute after the final listed song, "Crown" ends.  Such Easter-egging was common practice in the late 1990s and early 2000s.

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