Rhino's DIY Series: Punk, Power Pop and New Wave 1976-1983 [sampler 1992]

Late in 1992, Rhino sent out a CD sampler of their upcoming series devoted to punk, power pop, and new wave. Featuring 23 tracks including 3 songs from each of the first five discs in the series, scheduled to be released January 19, 1993), and 2 songs apiece from the final four discs, scheduled to hit shelves February 17, 1993.
Housed in a sparse back and white cardboard cover, the back of which featured the disc's track listing*, the disc itself rests inside a double-sided poster folded in half that lists the complete track lists for all nine forthcoming discs in the series.
A few of these songs can also be found on Rhino's The Stiff Records Box Set (1992) and will eventually show up on future Rhino releases like Poptopia! Power Pop Classic Of The '70s (1997) and No Thanks! The Punk Rebellion (2003), both of which are in the hopper here at The Hideaway.

*track 23 starts off with The Cars but quickly segues to a commercial for the ninth volume in the D.I.Y. Series, Mass. Ave. - The Boston Scene (1975-1983)

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  1. Typical Rhino joint: spend a lot of time producing a spectacular compilation series then take it out of print ASAP. Nevertheless, they can be purchased on the resale market - most under $10, but a few fetching $25-30. If I ever see one in a used bin, I'll pick it up and hope that the completist in me doesn't require the immediate purchase of all other discs in the series.