Wait...We Are Not One Hit Wonders of the 80's! Vols. 1 and 2 (presented by BRANDON HIXSON)

It's been almost six weeks since Brandon Hixson last graced us with new playlists so the time is right for these two new ones, uploaded just this week. This is Brandon's introduction to his two new compilations:
Don’t you love getting into debates on what qualifies an artist to be a One-Hit Wonder? Most of the listening public will qualify any artist as a One-Hit Wonder if they only have one signature song. But many artists actually had more than one hit (and I am calling a bonafide hit as any single that cracked the Billboard Top 20 as opposed to a single that charted on the Billboard Top 40 Charts). Time and the radio have been kind to several of these hits, but many of these hits have not been heard on the FM dial since their heyday. This collection features artists that commonly get mistaken as One-Hit Wonders, but all of these artists had at least one other Top 20 Single.
If all this talk of One-Hit Wonders has you jonesing to hear some, check out Brandon's One-Hit Wonders of The 80's. Or just scroll down to sample his latest.

In addition to the full version of the introduction printed above, Brandon has also posted peak chart positions in the comments of both videos over on YouTube.

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