Billboard's TOP MODERN ROCK TRACKS 1990-1992 [1997]

Last week, HERC shared with us the Billboard's Top Album Tracks series from Rhino. It was so well-received that he went back into the Archives and pulled out Billboard's Top Modern Rock Tracks series of three CDs, representing charted songs from 1990, 1991 and 1992. The bargain priced, ten track discs were originally released in 1997 as part of Rhino's short-lived teaming with Billboard chart authority. Joel Whitburn.
Containing nothing but Top 3 hits, this disc is loaded with five chart-toppers from a record 22 Modern Rock Number Ones in 1990. HERC's favorite tracks on the disc are the harmonica-heavy Suicide Blonde" from INXS; Peter Murphy's alternatively awesome "Cuts You Up"; the sad and strangely soothing "Joey" from Johnette Napolitano and Concrete Blonde and the fresh sounds of The Sundays with "Here's Where The Story Ends"
This disc set the bar a little lower, with all the songs at least making the Top 10 on the chart while only two made it to the pinnacle. The opening track, Big Audio Dynamite II's Who-sampling "Rush" is a HERC favorite as are the power-poppy "Valerie Loves Me" from Material Issue and the super sexy "I Touch Myself" from the late great Chrissy Amphlett and her bandmates in the wonderfully monikered Divinyls.
Once again, only two tracks from an album in the series made it to #1 while the rest of the songs on the disc all made the Top 5. There is only one song on the disc that HERC really, really likes and that is Matthew Sweet's guitar orgy "Girlfriend", a sweet slice of post-modern power pop pie and the creamy filling in a Lenny Kravitz sandwich of "Fly Away" and "Are You Gonna Go My Way".
Every song is a HERC favorite!

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