"I made (this) tape in ‘88 when I was managing the CD department at a West Coast Video. It’s how I discovered that GRP compilation! It was a good job, too, except that I wound up spending most of my paycheck there! (15 percent employee discount.)"
- Jeff Gemmill aka the Old Grey Cat.

Jeff meets The Boss
September 27, 2016


  1. Funny how memory works: I remember, now, playing Side 1 prior to dinner and then Side 2 during the after-dinner gift exchange and talkfest, which ran longer than 50 minutes. The tape flipped after Bob Seger's "Little Drummer Boy" and, two songs later, the Eugene Ormandy version kicked in. My great aunt Jessie, a wonderful person, turned to me and commented that the deejay must be distracted, as the song had just played! She thought we were listening to the radio...

  2. I first came across Jeff and his blog while looking for cover scans of Rolling Stone spin-off ,(The) Record. I struck up a correspondence/conversation with him and have since been introduced to many artists and songs I never would have listened to otherwise.

    Although I am severely allergic to cats, The Old Grey Cat never fails to please with his weekend posts and regular features like Top 5's and The Essentials, his personal list of crucial, must-own albums. The fact that he loves vinyl, streaming and CDs inclusive is another plus for this reader.

    Many, many thanks to Jeff for being a part of Christmas 2017 here at The Hideaway.